Wrestling in the mud Valencia at stripersvalencia.net!
We know that the most demanding groups of bachelor parties want the best for their friends.
Then look no further if you are the organizer of the bachelor party.
Your mudwestlrling Valencia is now available!

If you have the pressure to organize the whole weekend in Valencia,
don’t worry we can help you! 
Stripersvalencia.net we make it easy for you! 

What do you think your friends in the group will think, if you put the stag in the middle of a ring?
Which is an inflatable pool full of water with chocolate and just in the middle of 🔥 two explosive mudwrestling Valencia? 🔥
Very funny and exiting to see this show with two Playboy style Girls with only a very small bikini.

 Just don’t hexitate and get your wrestling in the mud!

Wrestling in the mud Valencia 1

🔥 The best ideas for you stag do 🔥

Wrestling in the mud Valencia will be an exciting,
vibrant fight with a sensual and sweet touch!

If the stag falls to the bottom of the ring it will only have chocolate and the 2 girls in their bikinis
with him. Also, during the fight the mudwrestling Valencia with so much struggle against the stag
and will have very difficult to keep their bikinis in place.

We know that you are good friends of the stag and you will want to help him in the middle
of this exciting fight but, the best thing you can do is to take the best seat in the first row.

Just prepare your camera and enjoy the crazy situations that happen in the middle of the fight. 
​🍒 Bikini rides, boobs in the face, sweet falls in the ring and much more! ​🍒

You can’t miss your mudwrestling Valencia !

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Book your wresteling in the mud Valencia now,It will be amazing!

We take care of everything!
We bring the wrestlings, assemble and disassemble the inflatable pool.
Also fill the chocolate and once finished collecting the. We move around Valencia
to make it a comfortable activity and  in case you do not have room to do the activity.

We provide a bar with terrace and private room,
to enjoy your mudwrestling Valencia.

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